Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Productive productive... ( BIG RED )

What an evening folks. I've been using a time management technique for the first time ever, I seen Jim Campbell and PJ Holden talking about it on twitter - promodore, pomorodo, pomeranian, something with p,r, and o anyway. You get a stopwatch or any alarm device, set it for 25 minutes, work flat out, no lifting that head then when the alarm goes off you break for 5. For me its been great, it like your racing yourself to see what you can get done it the 25 minutes. Also it stops me from being distracted by the inter web, ill have 5 mins to do some mild coast the cyber waves. So using this, I got a page nearly fully coloured tonight plus 8 charcater designs done! For me this is muy mucho production. And just to wind down I done this uber quick wee sketch in manga studio.......BIG RED....

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