Sunday, 26 September 2010

a few random bits

This was originally meant to be Cohen, thats Detective Cohen, another of me and Danny's characters that I realised  hadn't been on the blog-sicle before.....but, I ended up with someone else, this ain't Cohen! its just some boy that was floating round me head that stole Cohens jacket and hair! The bastard! I'll call him- Pernell, the irish Cohen, why not! Done this with just brush and ink too see if it would give me a cleaner line when scanned- it did a bit.

This you'll have seen before, its the first page from my next story for tales of the, but it comes to you now in new greywash courtesy of photo-ma-shop........

Make sure to check out the tales of the website next week for the full 9 page tales, in fact get over there now a check out the lastest story from Andrew Croskery, who provides writing and pencils and inked my Stephen Downey.
The above here, is another product of Manga Studio. First of all it was really handy doing the face cause of the awesome tool which is -the symmetry tool. You only have to draw half of it!! The background is one of the preset backgrounds, which works for sketchy stuff but don't thing I would feel happy using them in print pieces. 
You've probably noticed that alot of my sketches are head and shoulders, so I've decided to start doing more full body, action pose stuff, and the best way I've figured is to draw up some already existing characters. So if you've any charcters you'd like to see me to draw just give us a shout in the comments. 

Friday, 24 September 2010

super sketchy batman

Done this the other day while I was watching some of the magic box with the pictures on it, had to put something up here it had been too long, and there was no bats up here so........its really rough, had to put a filter over it to make it half decent, think me scanners starting to act up, everything is looking grainy.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Friday, 10 September 2010

Return of the tree... I've went back on my whole doing this digitally idea, I done six pages of rough work in Manga studio, but I came across tooo many annoying bits that counter acted the benefits of digital work- I will get there, just did some more practice. So what I done was I printed out my rough pages and used the light box to do tidier pencils, I wanted to use just the pencils but the scanner wasn't picking them up to well so out came the Indian ink and voila......

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Nightmare Manor colour.....

Yo, yo yo. Just finished off colouring this. Had to do a bit of editing on this which I only noticed in the colouring stage. For instance the bleeding eyes I had just floating about in sky had to go, just looked wrong, and Larry told me that they were in the way of where the banner would go. Also, I should have put in a foreground, regret it now, but I tried to jazz it up with some grass and bushes brushes-that flows well- in photoshop. So let me know what ye's think..............

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A bit of everything.....

All from the Nightmare Manor, these first couple are quite rough round the edges, but there just to give the woman making the costumes an idea what they want,.....

These next couple are for the advertising part, I'm not to sure about the colour behind the thing in the tube, so if anyone has any suggestion for me leave them in comments.