Friday, 25 March 2011

What Ive been up to...

The blog was under siege from a zombie horde for a while, then I kinda slowed up on that project to focus on another. Colouring, something regular viewers would know I never considered a strong point of mines, but recently things have changed. I just needed the practise really.  I was waiting on the writer behind the project's Stephen Coffey to put these up online before I did, and proper order too. The first one here is from the story "Red Ghost" with fantastic artwork from Robert Carey  ( , seriously, check this dude out!!)

Secondly, the equally great work from Cormac Hughes from the story "Society of the remarkable suicide". 

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Pomodoro sketch...

...pomodoro, you know that 25 minute time management technique I was on about, well done this well before the timer went off. I'm pretty slow drawer, and I'm always looking to improve me speed, so going to keep doing this as practise.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Skimming the archives....

.. archives, I like that word. Its as if I have a dusty old room filled with forgotten art locked away in cob web draped drawers, lit by a swinging bare bulbed light dangling from a low ceiling. Yes, it conjures up some imagery for me.  But in reality, archives are just a folder named " Kevins arty stuff ", and in there was the below pieces. The first is the pencils from a recent piece I done for the Eclectic Micks  birthday bonanza , click the link there to see the finished piece sitting nestled amongst some amazingly talented people.

Some of yous may have come across the story I done for the Talesofthe  Christmas season, below is the first  sketch I done for it. EMO kid, Elf, its already a dark christmas in itself.

And finally, these two sketches are different concepts of MARK, I cant tell you who or why he is yet, but in stay tuned folks.