Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The appeal of the comic

The appeal of the comic 

Comic books seem to go under the radar for a lot of people. Many non comic book fans have brushed them aside and assume the audience for them is limited. Despite the fact that many of the most popular film franchises in Hollywood at the moment come from Marvel comics, and many of the most beloved TV and cinema characters originated in comic form once upon a time. 

Garfield, Superman, Iron Man, Dennis the Menace, they all began in comic books. What many of the ordinary folk do not realise is, while they have moved their hobbies like partypoker, updating Facebook and browsing for new music onto the internet, so have we. There are more comic fans, artists and sites dedicated to our own creations than ever before. So what is the appeal of the comic, that they are missing? 

For starters there isn't only one genre of comic book. Most people associate comics with the supernatural genre, thanks to Marvel creations like Spiderman. However there are plenty of other genres that attract a wide audience too. Horror, humour and science fiction are popular, while action, adventure and fantasy comics have an audience too. 

They aren't just for kids, contrary to popular belief. Once upon a time, the comic audience was below the age of eighteen. There is reasonable evidence to suggest a sizeable amount are adults nowadays. Even women are a target demographic, with many enjoying reading and creating their own. Admittedly most comics are aimed at a male audience, but that is not to say that women can't enjoy them. 

Above all else they are entertaining, and funny, thanks to their quirky and recognizable characters, amusing and action packed plot lines and limitless imagination. They can literally be taken anywhere. So lets not hear anyone suggest they are a dying breed of entertainment. 

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