Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Skimming the archives....

.. archives, I like that word. Its as if I have a dusty old room filled with forgotten art locked away in cob web draped drawers, lit by a swinging bare bulbed light dangling from a low ceiling. Yes, it conjures up some imagery for me.  But in reality, archives are just a folder named " Kevins arty stuff ", and in there was the below pieces. The first is the pencils from a recent piece I done for the Eclectic Micks  birthday bonanza , click the link there to see the finished piece sitting nestled amongst some amazingly talented people.

Some of yous may have come across the story I done for the Talesofthe  Christmas season, below is the first  sketch I done for it. EMO kid, Elf, its already a dark christmas in itself.

And finally, these two sketches are different concepts of MARK, I cant tell you who or why he is yet, but in time...so stay tuned folks.

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