Sunday, 19 December 2010

Tattoo design...

Just finished this off, have to do an inked outline version then I'm done. I'm currently working on a 1 page story for 'Sugar Glider' anathology, I'll check with the writer- Daniel Clifford- and see if its ok to put up one or two of the panels.

Also head on over to to check out his lastest Christmas story and if you haven't already check out Frank-Boiling Point volume 1. Just finished it the other day, thoroughly enjoyable and will leave you craving volume 2.  Of course, with it being Sunday there will be a new Christmas Horror on the website at some stage today.


  1. whats this sugar glider your doing and who u doing it with lad

  2. im doing it with Writer Daniel Clifford, from Newcastle, met him on twitter. He's had 3 or 4 small press books done. Im also doing a Splash page for Stephen Cofferys book - Remarkable Suicide where I have to come up with the most creative way to kill meself!