Monday, 29 November 2010

New T.O.T story- process

Just last night I completed my new 10 page story which I've gotten word will be posted this Sunday on the Talesofthe website. So I figured why not put up the process, as it is a completely new one incorporating both digital and traditional mediums.

These days I find I much easier to rough things up in manga studio- it must be the eco-warrior inside me that doesn't like to waste pages. That and the quick and easy edit-ability of it.
Once I have the roughs I convert them to blue then "ink" them on another layer, fleshing it out as I go along and using photo reference where needed, to make sure anatomy and proportions are correct.

When I started this projected, Holly bought me me first Bristol board, and after using it I loved how clean the pencils came out on it. I knew from speaking with the Titan talent scout at 2D that I would have a better chance of getting work from a pencilled portfolio than an inked one, so this was a good opportunity to get a bit of practise doing some tight pencils. I light boxed the outline from the above rough, again adding more detail and tidying as I went, then I shaded her and scanned her in. Unfortunately there was a snag in the road....

....they scanned terribly!! I was so dissappointed when I seen them come out like this. Luckily this is the digital age! Using some level adjustments and going round on a layer set behind the pencils I blocked in some greys to blend the pencils, I starting to feel a bit happier with it but something was still mucky about it....
...into illustrator with it, for dialogue and a great wee filter I just found- trace/color 6. It really tidied it up this filter and smoothed it out. Below is the finished article.

Make sure to check by T.O.T on Sunday for the complete story.

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