Sunday, 10 October 2010


.. Its great to get stuff finished, especially when its been hanging around for soo long. I'm on about my contribution towards the 'If stones could speak' anthology. With that complete, its given a chance to reflect on what I want to do now. The story for 'I.S.C.S' was only 12 pages long, its still a rite bit of work when your doing the most of it on your own but it shouldn't have taken as long to do as it did. Recently having completed the 'How'd you get here?' story for T.O.T, it was 9 pages done in a much more simplfied style only took me 6 weeks and I done all the processes on that meself.
        So basically I want to be quicker, but I also want to do more!! My next target is a 23 pager at least, and I hoping to find a middle ground so I can do it with speed and good quality of art. Having spoken to Danny about it earlier, there already a story over the next few weeks you'll probably be seeing alot of development stuff.

Also I'll be working on a T.O.T 'Christmas horror', but more on that closer to the time.

One last thing, the 2dcollective sites back up and running, and we've decided to tackle themes- the weeks being "gothic", stop over by clicking here to check it out.

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