Saturday, 29 January 2011

A year later..........

So Zombies. 
Thats what I might rename this blog; Gios-Zombie-Art. Everyone loves them, and most comic artists will have found themselves drawing them at some time. Then you and your writer mate are a bit blocked one night and go in to one about - ' it would be cracker if Derry was under seige from zombies' ' toooo rite, with the walls and all...' and so on. The derry zombie seige story was born. But that was a year ago, actually slightly longer than a year. And not long after that I got a graphics tablet and Manga Studio for Christmas, figuring the best way for me to practise was to dive straight into doing a story. Of course Zombie seige was in me head, so below you'll find some of my first digital work and the origin pages of  the new improved 'Zombies Hi'. Those who check the 2Dcollective blog will recognise these pages from last year...

The reason I went on this little visually induced time travelling experience was, Im working on a shot on Page 4 and its looking down From the walls at a crowd of zombies, remembered this and figured I could tidy it up and use it. Pay homeage, not laziness. Comparing them to what I'm doing now, I can see a good improvement which is always good.


  1. Zombies abound - I have not released anything with them in it... yet!

    Stay Alive

  2. Oh neill, you really should!